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NQICAN Networking & Sharing Forum (NNSF) Link:  http://forum.nqican.org.uk


NQICAN brings together the regional clinical audit / effectiveness networks from across England. There are 15 regional clinical audit/effectiveness networks all of whom have representatives regularly attending NQICAN meetings.   Wales and Northern Ireland are also represented on the group to enable sharing of good practice and collaborative working.  

NQICAN has several 'stakeholder members' including
NHS England, HQIP and NICE.  Several of the Royal Colleges and other key stakeholders are represented.  The group links with the National Advisory Group for Clinical Audit and Enquiries (NAGCAE) on a regular basis. 

The group has two Officers: the Chair and General Secretary and one Non-Officer position:  Communications Facilitator. 

NQICAN's strategic objectives are:

  • To work with and provide a (national and regional) voice for staff working in clinical audit and quality improvement in organisations who commission/ provide care to health care to NHS patients and social care. 
  • Support Regional Network Chairs and relevant others in the development of regional networks
  • Engage, influence and be a point of contact for key organisations such as HQIP
  • Support the development of national clinical audit
  • Work to align clinical audit, quality improvement and improvement science

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A big thanks to Popup Stands UK for their recent banner stand donation - this will be first used by NQICAN at Patient First 22/23 Novemeber stand J20


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