Our work

N-QI-CAN is an independent body working collaboratively with national clinical audit and quality improvement bodies and regional networks. It is a recognised group within health and social care, but is not a direct function of the NHS England, the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) or any other similar body. N-QI-CAN’s objectives will rightly reflect those of NHS England and HQIP where clinical audit is concerned, however N-QI-CAN retains its own independent voice. Recommendations made by N-QI-CAN are not binding on any other organisation.

NQICAN meet on a face to face or virtual basis four times a year. Regional networks also hold regular telecoms to enable problem solving and sharing of learning.

Quarterly Updates

Four times a year, after each N-QI-CAN meeting, an update is provided. These are designed to be presented at regional network meetings if there is a meeting due in the near future, or circulated electronically if not. Updates contain the highlights of the meeting, full detail can be read in the minutes which can be found in the meetings section.