Clinical Audit Awareness Week

This years Clinical Audit Awareness Week will take place week beginning 13th June 2022. CAAW22 is a national annual campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and other quality improvement work in healthcare. This includes hospitals, GP practices, hospices and residential nursing care.

We will be holding daily Lunch and learn events detailed below. For further information and resources for the week please see HQIP CAAW22 event page

Lunch-and-Learn events

A series of five online events will be hosted by N-QI-CAN during Clinical Audit Awareness Week:

  • Monday 13 June, 12.30pm-2pm: Patient Safety
    Dr Josie O’Heney, HQIP (Key speaker); Vicky Patel, N-QI-CAN (Chair); Jordan Thompson, NECAN (Facilitator)
  • Slides
  • Video

  • Tuesday 14 June, 12.30pm-2pm: Patient Advocate
    Kim Rezel, HQIP (Key speaker), Sarah Chessell, N-QI-CAN (Chair); Craig Short, EMCAIN (Facilitator)
  • Slides
  • Video

  • Wednesday 15 June, 12.30pm-2pm: Influencing Change
    Sam Riley, NHSEI (Key speaker); Vicky Patel, N-QI-CAN (Chair); Laila Gregory, LQICAN (Facilitator)
  • Slides
  • Video

  • Thursday 16 June, 12.30pm-2pm: Health Inequalities
    Caroline Rogers, HQIP (Key speaker); Sarah Chessell, N-QI-CAN (Chair); Sarah Byrne, MQICAN (Facilitator)
  • Slides
  • Video

  • Friday 17 June, 12.30pm-2pm: Future-proofing Healthcare
    James Mountford, NHSEI (Key speaker); Vicky Patel, N-QI-CAN (Chair); Mojgan Sani, SECAN (Facilitator)
  • Slides
  • Video

The winners will also be invited to present on the relevant day. Look forward to seeing you there

Statement on Clinical Audit Awareness Week 24th June 2021

HQIP supported by ourselves (N-QI-CAN) have agreed not to hold Clinical Audit Awareness week (CAAW) in November this year. HQIP is exploring the feasibility of hosting CAAW in Spring 2022.
N-QI-CAN regional chairs provided useful feedback recently highlighting that November is typically a challenging month for Trusts as winter pressures begin to mount and this year is expected to be even busier with the anticipated focus on restoration and recovery from the pandemic.
If CAAW takes place in 2022 we hope that Trusts will be in a better position and have more capacity to engage with the week. By this time, the new N-QI-CAN chair and general secretary will be in post and be able to support CAAW.
If trusts hold their own celebratory events outside of CAAW, whenever their own capacity allows and it is safe to do so, then we would still like to know about these and you are welcome to use the hashtag #CAAW (link)


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