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This blog page will be regularly updated in the run up to Clinical Audit Awareness Week (#CAAW20) which is 23-27 November this year and during the week itself. The blog aims to keep readers up to date as key events, competitions and resources are shared all in one place. The blogs will be listed in reverse order so the latest update is at the top. 

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Carl Walker – National Quality Improvement (incl. Clinical Audit) Network (N-QI-CAN) chair @nqican @cwwalker10

Clinical Audit Awareness Week (#CAAW20) – Highlights

27/11 Day 5 Final Day of #CAAW20

Last day of what has been an excellent week around where our community have risen above the pandemic and shined a bright light on clinical audit as a tool for improving patient care.

Please join us at 11 am today where we will pause for a moment and hold a one minute silence to remember colleagues, family and friends that we have lost to the pandemic and in particular Ben Woodhart.

More Award winners

Clinical Audit Cake off competition – vote now

And lots more sharing & local events

26/11 Day 4 

An excellent reminder that Clinical Audit is a Quality Improvement tool 

Great feedback from our webinar on our Networking and Sharing Forum

Winner of the Florence Nightingale Award (which was created to mark the International Year of the Nurse & Midwife) announced

Clinical Audit Top tips shared

Petition on National Clinical Audit shared to balance the programme across all providers

Great to see our CAAW20 Certificates of Appreciation being given out

25/11 Day 3 Winners of Student of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year Announced for the 2020 #AuditHeroes Awards.

Trust launches virtual clinical audit training 

24/11 Day 2 Twitter Highlights

Learn at Lunch / Bake off Event at 12:30

Our (N-QI-CAN) Draft Governance shared

Blog shared: Dr Hannah Wright reflects on the role of national clinical audits in her current post as a National Medical Directorโ€™s Clinical Fellow working at Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP).

New research shared on getting the most from National Clinical Audits

And lots of tweets from local clinical audit teams / trusts and NCA providers

24/11 Day 2 Clinical Practitioner of the year Audit Heroes announced

23/11 Day one – Twitter highlights

23/11 12PM N-QI-CAN webinar is a great start to CAAW20

Over 100 network colleague joined us for our CAAW20 webinar – sharing experiences of how clinical audit has been integrated into the wider Quality improvement of trusts / organisations.

The slides, our supporting poll and recording of the session are now available to view via our Forum

If you aren’t a member of our forum please join. You can vote on our poll via twitter

23/11 8:54 AM Clinical Audit Professionals of year announced in Audit Hero’s awards

Well done to all winners and those that were shortlisted ๐Ÿ™‚

23/11 6:00AM Welcome to Clinical Audit Awareness Week #CAAW20 

Welcome to Clinical Audit Awareness Week #CAAW20. This year will be obviously both different and difficult due to the pandemic and ongoing pressures on our hospitals, organisations, colleagues and ourselves.
During such times it is even more important for our week of learning, sharing and celebrating to continue as planned just like we have all year so that we can help grow our profession, our networks and our local programmes to improve patient care together. It is also a time to reflect and say thank you to the people that matter most – and our networks would exist without you so thank you for all you do. 
So please get involved and take some time this week to listen, learn, share, say thanks and also to have some fun ๐Ÿ™‚ 
As ever – we will keep our CAAW20 blog, Forum and twitter updated with key events from across our networks and beyond. Please share and join us where you can. 
Please like and share – lets see if we can get #CAAW20 trending on twitter
Today we (with HQIP) are announcing #AuditHero Clinical Audit Professional of the Year (see below for further details)
We are also holding a webinar – details below 

Later today we will be sharing more details of our forward plan and new supporting governance so please let us know what you think and how you can help. 

Its our time to shine together

Stay safe

11/9 Update

With two weeks to go – have you downloaded your #CAAW20 free toolkit yet – including thank you e-cards, certificate of appreciation and a #CAAW20 phone wallpaper!

9/11/20 Update – Audit Hero Finalists announced

Congratulations to all shortlisted #AuditHeroes entries! We’ll announce winners during #CAAW20 as detailed below:

Monday 23: Clinical Audit Pro

Tuesday 24: Clinical Practitioner

Wednesday 25: Student and Volunteer

Thursday 26: Florence Nightingale Award

Friday 27: Team of the Year

4/11 Update – Our #CAAW20 plans

With Clinical Audit Awareness Week on the horizon now (wb 23/11) – just thought I’d confirm what we (N-QI-CAN) are planning in light of the pandemic and a national lockdown.

In addition to the announcement of this years winning Clinical Audit Hero’s and the promotional toolkit shared previously on here (screen savers, thank you cards / tweets) (link:ย … 6JwzYj7Tcs) that we have done in collaboration with HQIP we will be holding two webinar events:

Mon 23rd November 10:30 -11:30 – Sharing experiences of Clinical Audit teams merging / working with Quality Improvement Teams
Further details please see Forum post in our peer section:viewtopic.php?f=78&t=1014

Thurs 26th November 10:30 – 11:30 – NQICAN networking and sharing Forum survey results feedback and tips and tricks on how to use the forum.
Further details please see this forum post: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1015

The sessions will be open to all and we will share the joining details from MS Teams call on here nearer the time. There is no need to book so please add the events to your diaries and join us on the day(s). If you are not a member of our forum and are interested in attending – please email us atย 

We will also be launching our new website that will merge our current website with our blog site, publishing our annual report and promoting our forward plan.

We will also be running events in our own trusts. Please continue to let us know what you have planned and remember to share on twitter using the #CAAW20 and tag us in @nqican.

27/10 Update

Clinical Audit Support Centre (who are non-voting members of our East Midlands network) launch their 4 BIG #CAAW20 competitions along with other resources.ย 

3/9/20 Update

Two further blogs published from last years Audit Hero award winners:

Hear from our Heroes: Clinical Practitioner of the Year (national)

Hear from our Heroes: Student of the Year

1/9/20 Update

The nominations for the 2020 Audit heros are now open (from 1st Sept) until 14th October. The awards are a key part of the annual Clinical Audit Awareness Week (#CAAW20) which is 23-27 November this year. 

audit hero pic 2020

We are working with HQIP in collaboration again on #CAAW20 and to help promote clinical audit, the awards and CAAW20 – blogs from last years winners will be shared. The first blog is from Sarah Cutler the joint winner of the Clinical Audit Professional of the Year (local) category in the 2019 Audit Heroes Awards.

Quote from sarah audit heros

Source: Hear from our Heroes: Clinical Audit Professional of the Year (local) โ€“ HQIP

For further details about the week please see HQIP website below

We will be sharing further details around other events that we will be holding in due course including a repeat of our Sharing a Success competition.

If you are looking for ideas please see our #CAAW19 pack below which we will be updating as a virtual resource shortly.

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